Brewery Equipment


China XIMO focuses on providing each of our customers with the brewery equipment of their dreams and this can only be achieved thanks to the staff that we have on hand. We count on a combination of experienced manufacturing and quality control engineers, brew masters, as well as professional welders to ensure each system is made with meticulous care.

Our manufacturing and quality control engineers have more than 20 years of experience and all of our manufacturing staff is hand-picked to ensure that the quality we are looking for is consistent with every system. Close attention to detail is critical, which is why we can only count on the best personnel to ensure that each brewery system meets with our two major requirements that every brewer looks for: ease of sanitation and maximum efficiency.

We also count on our team of brew masters, one of which has had formal training at the prestigious Siebel Institute. The combination between manufacturing experience from our engineers along with our brew masters brewing perspective, we are able to constantly innovate our equipment to ensure that it meets the current needs of our clients.

Our production standards are set to meet U.S. craft brewer demands and can assure you that whatever system you purchase, it will meet and surpass your needs and expectations.


Unpolished hand-welded tubing

Meticulous hand-welding for ease of customization of equipment

Experienced craftsmanship to ensure that each system meets our high standard criteria.

Fully polished interior to ensure ease of sanitation and polished exterior for an elegant aesthetic appearance.


We will help you plan for the most efficient way to get the equipment you are looking for while maximizing space and keeping costs.